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Homage to Kobane

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Homage to Kobane is a story of a goodbye letter from Narin, 19 years old female fighter, to her mum that takes us to a destroyed city with lost memories buried under rubbles. She wrote to her mum and said her last words, about her birthday party with her fellow fighters, that she missed her mum's coffee. While fallowing Narin's footsteps we will discover people's memories and see what people left behind when war comesto a city.

We only know Narin through her letter, the reflection of her character.




The siege of Kobane was launched by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known as ISIL, ISIS, or Daesh) militants on 13 September 2014, in order to capture the Kobane Canton and its main city of Kobane in northern Syria, in the de facto autonomous region of Rojava.

By 2 October 2014, ISIL succeeded in capturing 350 Kurdish villages and towns within the vicinity of Kobanê, generating a wave of some 300,000 displaced Kurds, who fled across the border into Turkey. By January 2015, this had risen to 400,000.

From the first phase of ISIS's offensive , Kurdish People's Protection Unites known as YPG and Women Protection Units known as YPJ stand against ISIS and this resistance took almost five months which is described as Modern Leningrad . Nrin was one of those who decided to stay and protect her dignity.




Narin is a 19 year old female fighter from Kobanê who left a goodbye letter behind. She was writing to her mum and mentioned that her unit was in a house with green door in eastern district while they were under ISIS attack.

While I am trying to fallow her footstep to find the house she described in her letter we will see the footage of a house with a green door. As we hear the letter being read out I am entering the semi destroyed house hoping to find some signs of Narin, but instead we see householders sign, photographs, cloths, bullet signs, sandbags.


A Letter



" Dear Mum, I am alright. We had a small party for my birthday yesterday. I think I am 19 now. My comrade, Azad, dedicated a song to me on the subject of ‘mother’. Azad has a good voice and was in tears while he was singing; he, like myself, was thinking of his mother and that he hasn’t seen her for a year or so..."

In part of her letter she describes the place that they are trapped in, a house with a green door with many bullethols on it from ISIS snipers.

She ask her mum to find this house when the city liberated, now we go to the city and tring to find her last place that she described, a house with a green door. We see the city through her mum's eyes.

A City


This film will be a portrait of a city that we know little about it except from the intense, but short-lived, media coverage during the IS siege. Now, after liberation, it is time to know more about this city, its residents, and people who resist. From the day IS left the city, and despite approximately 70% of the city being destroyed, its residents began to return from exile. How would people find their homes? What would they feel? What does a city look like after four months of street fighting and airstrikes?